Lama Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche is the abbot in exile of Ju Mohor Monastery in Eastern Tibet

The Prayer to Guru Rinpoche



dü sum sangyé guru rinpoché
Embodiment of buddhas of past, present and future, Guru Rinpoche;

ngödrup kun dak déwa chenpö shyap
Master of all siddhis , Guru of Great Bliss;

barché kun sel düd dul drakpo tsal
Dispeller of all obstacles, Wrathful Subjugator of maras

solwa depso chingyi lap tu sol
To you I pray: inspire me with your blessings.

chi nang sangwé barché shyiwa dang
So that outer, inner and secret obstacles are dispelled

sampa lhun gyi druppar chin gyi lop
And all my aspirations are spontaneously fulfilled.

Discovered by the great terma-revealer Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa, from the right-hand side of the Sengchen Namdrak rock on Mount Rinchen Tsekpa, ‘The Pile of Jewels’. Because the blessing of this prayer, one intended for this present time, is so immense, it should be treasured by all as their daily practice.

Lama Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche



Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche werd geboren in 1975, het vuurdrakenjaar en werd kort daarna herkend als de reincarnatie van de Vierde Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche van het Ju Mohor klooster in Tibet. Als kleine jongen al viel hij op omdat hij anders was dan zijn leeftijdsgenoten. Hij had een buitengewoon liefdevolle natuur, vol compassie en dat werd door allen die hem ontmoetten herkend en gewaardeerd. Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche liet ook opvallend scherpe intelligentie blijken in zijn studies en alles wat hem geleerd werd, begreep hij volkomen.

Onder leiding van zijn spirituele leraren, ondernam hij de traditionele training van zijn overdrachtslijn. Dit hield o.a. in het accumuleren van 500.000 ngondro beoefeningen en training in de Rigdzin overdrachtslijn traditie met onder meer de essentiele Dzogchen instructies van kadak trekcho en lhundrop togal. Gedurende deze training bereikte hij buitengewone inzichten en ervaringen in zijn meditatie beoefeningen. De training mondde uit in een 3 jaar retraite in Yachen Orgyen Samten Choeling onder begeleiding van ZH Lama Achuk Rinpoche.

Op 18-jarige leeftijd werd hij formeel uitgeroepen tot de Vijfde Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche en geinstalleerd als abt van het Ju Mohor klooster in Tibet.

Rinpoche bleef studeren aan de grote universiteit van Larung Gar in Serthar. Hij bestudeerde de verschillende scholen van de tibetaanse boeddhistische filosofie alsmede de sutra’s en tantra’s onder leiding van verschillende leraren, in het bijzonder van de stichter van Larung Gar, ZH Khenchen Jigme Phuntsok Rinpoche. Hier behaalde hij zijn titel van Khenpo op 25-jarige leeftijd.

Hij keerde terug naar het Ju Mohor klooster en gaf dit onderricht aan de monniken en nonnen in zijn klooster.

Tijdens deze periode ontving Rinpoche vele empowerments, mondelinge transmissies en kerninstructies van de geheime Nyingmapa kama en terma tradities. Deze werden hem gegeven door een groot aantal meesters en beoefenaren onder wie ZH Drupchen Pema Norbu, Khenpo Pema Tsewang, Venerable Gyangkhang Tulku, Venerable Khenpo Choekyap, Venerable Trulshig Rinpoche en Venerable Taklung Tsetrul Rinpoche en meerdere teachings in het geheime Mantrayana van Venerable Ngorlu Ding Khenchen.

Heden ten dage houdt Rinpoche zich vooral bezig met het Vista project in Sershul, een stad vlakbij het Ju Mohor klooster. Dit baanbrekende project heeft ten doel het economische en culturele leven van de Tibetaanse bevolking een nieuwe impuls te geven. Ofschoon de Chinese economie razendsnel groeit, heeft de nomaden bevolking van Oost-Tibet vaak geen baat van de verbeteringen doordat zij scholing missen. Het Vista project richt zich daarom op basisvorming en vakopleidingen om de nomaden niet alleen te laten profiteren van het moderne economische klimaat maar ook om de oude cultuur van Tibet te bewaren en verder te ontwikkelen.

Rinpoche heeft in de wereld veel leerlingen met name in Nieuw Zeeland , Nederland en Groot Brittanie.

Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok 1933 – 2004



Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok was de belangrijkste Leraar van Lama Amnyi Trulchung Rinpoche. Hij stichtte in de Larung Gar vallei in Kham , Tibet de Larung Gar Buddhist Academy een enorm complex van studie en meditatie.

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Drops of Advice from My Heart

by Kyabje Khenchen Jigme Phuntsok

May the youthful sun of speech, Manjushri, in his enlightened form,

With its signs and marks, embodying the secret body, speech and mind

Of all the infinite buddhas and their bodhisattva heirs,

Turn your minds towards the path to perfect awakening!

There are countless Dharma teachings, profound and extensive,

Suited to the mental capacities and inclinations of limitless beings,

Yet, by gathering all the key points together in a way that can be practised,

I offer this pithy advice to you, my friends, who I hold as dear as my own heart.

Becoming attached to this life, you will lose your fortunate connection to the Dharma.

Indulging your desires again and again, your craving will only increase,

And you will never find satisfaction. Wealth, happiness, fame and praise—

To pursue them is like buying and selling in a dream. Let go of such concerns!

By relying on a genuine and qualified teacher,

Your spiritual qualities will develop and increase,

And all your faults and failings will be cast away,

So serve him in the three ways[1] and others’ aims will be accomplished.

Just as gardens are not to be found growing in midair,

All the bounties of the higher realms and liberation,

Will never be yours as long as you lack moral discipline,

So with mindfulness, awareness and caution, control your mind.

Up to now, you have wandered like madmen lacking any guidance,

Through the vast darkness of unknowing in beginningless existence.

So now, in order to find the great sanctuary of peace and happiness,

It is right that you take joy in studying the vast ocean of excellent teachings.

Yet hearing alone will not be enough to eliminate misconceptions,

And confidence in the teacher and teachings will not come easily,

So take advantage of hundreds of debates, teachings and compositions,

And rely upon the elixir of mind that is the wisdom born of reflection.

Even the most erudite of teachers with vast scriptural learning,

Can repeat words like a parrot, without taking them to heart,

But when death suddenly arrives, this will bring only pangs of regret,

So rely on the essential meaning of the teachings, my heart-friends!

All the infinite teachings of the buddhas, so vast in number,

Are imparted purely as a means to subdue our own minds.

Don’t put your faith in words alone! I urge you once again:

Let the key points of the deeper meaning seep into your hearts!

This physical existence is difficult to find, like an udumvara flower,

Yet more rewarding than the discovery of a million precious gems.

It will be incredibly difficult to find another opportunity like this later on,

So don’t let it pass you by without accomplishing the highest purpose!

Our great enemy, the lord of death, arrives like a bolt of lightning in the sky,

And nobody can predict when and where he will strike next.

So you can not afford to wait for months and years.

Now is the time for virtuous practice—right here, right now!

For all beings, actions will not go to waste, but will bear their fruit,

And when karma ripens, there is no way to change its outcome.

So now, while you are fortunate enough still to have some control,

If you insist on bringing ruin upon yourself, who will ever save you!

If merely thinking of the various sufferings of samsara,

Which are so unbearably intense, can make you shudder,

Ask yourself: What will it be like when body and mind

Are actually afflicted by these countless forms of duhkha?

Only they have the power to lead us out of this great terror,

So extremely difficult to escape. No one else could ever save us!

So we should take these three most precious jewels as our refuge,

For they are undeceiving, wise, compassionate and powerful.

All the suffering of the three worlds comes from wanting happiness for ourselves,

And all virtue and happiness is born of a mind that wishes others well.

So, following the example of the teacher of all gods and men,

You should generate the supreme and unsurpassed bodhichitta.

When the glass mirror of your own mind is completely covered over,

With the thick layer of dust that is the adventitious defilements,

It is difficult for the reflection of profound and clear samadhi to appear,

So take pains to wipe it clean using the pure cloth of the four powers.

All appearance, sound and awareness are deity, mantra and dharmata.

And the view is knowing that this is how it always has been.

Without losing this view, take aim with the arrow of your meditation,

And gain mastery over the practices of elimination and development.

If you can generate bliss, clarity and non-thought as means of support,

Through the techniques of breathing and adopting physical postures,

You will come to master the illusory body of clear light,

So penetrate to the core of enlightened mind through the perfection stage.

When the darkness of the five degenerations prevails,

It is not easily overcome with the starlight of the eight lower yanas,

So shine the brilliant light of the sun of Nyingtik with its countless rays,

All drawn along by the swift carriage of the three kinds of faith!

Whatever arises, in pure awareness, unaltered and unconfined,

Look into the mind that is settled by itself, resting naturally.

If you recognize the natural clarity, always empty and without origin,

You traverse the paths and stages all at once, and seize the stronghold of the fruition.

Resting in a state of just-as-it-isness, through the right postures and gazes,

If you experience the natural manifestation of basic space and spheres of light as pure awareness,

The darkness of samsara’s dualism will disappear in absolute space,

And, passing through the four visions, you will reach maturity in the light body of great transference.

What I have said here—this plain talk arranged in verses—is my heart’s advice.

Although it lacks the poetic turns of phrase that might delight the intellectuals,

As a spontaneous and unaltered outpouring from the depths of my mind,

It is in the preferred style of the vidyadharas of the old translation school.

Through the merit of this, may all beings without exception

Receive the supreme royal empowerment of the four kayas,

And may I never be separated, even for a moment,

From the courageous strength of youthful Manjushri!

In China, at the solitary place of Wu Tai Shan (The Five-Peaked Mountain), on the peak where the supreme deity, the youthful Manjushri, turned the wheel of the profound and vast Dharma for tens of thousands of bodhisattvas, the one with unparalleled power of speech and intelligence (Khenchen Jigme Phuntsok) set down in twenty-three minutes whatever came to mind. May it be virtuous!

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, Rigpa Translations, 2005. Thanks to Lama Chökyi Nyima for his kind assistance and to Matthew Pistono for his encouragement.