For us, in general, this concept is not a new one or an unknown concept. Usually we accept it, but we do not understand it. The term of Karma comes from the Sanskrit and it means: Action. It is possible to understand the Karma as an aspect of our mind.
So then, the Karma is an effect or a result of an action, and the motivation of each action is Karma.

In addition, it is completed when it involves our thinking and our doing, so we can say that it will be a result, linking with our thoughts and deeds. Even though (till) we think in something but we do not make it or we do not cause something to happen or to be done, the result of this thought will appear and it will have Karma. In this manner, we have to be very careful in our habits, because a habit is something that a person does often without thinking on the effects.Then, in order to understand the Karma, we will consider its four aspects:

I. The first aspect of the Karma

Everything in our life has a result or an effect. It means that everything we do leaves a print or a potential in our conscience. Therefore, if we do a positive action or deed then in the future we will have a positive experience. Positive Experience -Positive Cause. However, if we have a negative experience, we will have to seek or find out the cause that generated it. It is necessary often to check the causes. So then, we stop to act in a negative way. Everything we experiment is positive or negative and it is a result or effect of our actions. Nevertheless, sometimes happens that the link or relation between the cause and the effect, it is very difficult to see. When we talk about a positive cause or a negative cause we are referring to the motivation that exists beyond the action or deed. Precisely the intention or the motivation is what generates or produces the positive or the negative result. Therefore, it is very important to ask us what kind of intention exists beyond each physical, verbal or mental action. What kind of motivation is there? Therefore, observing the motivation or intention has a great value or importance. Our main concern is to watch our motivation very carefully. It is important to pay attention on the action we are doing, because we can evaluate if there is a better action than the one we have done.

II .The second aspect of the Karma

Everything that we experience in our life has a cause and we are responsible for it. We must be conscious that we are responsible for our own deeds. We always experience the effects of the causes we generated before. Therefore, if we consider any situation, we will observe that a negative effect comes from a negative cause and a positive effect comes from a positive cause. If we do not understand the relation between effect and cause, everything will turn on hard and heavy going. So then, each experience could be positive or negative and those characteristics depend on their causes. For example: a merchant has done a mistake in his business, so instead of earn money he pays fees. Paying all those fees causes to him a big suffering, but he cannot deny paying all the fees, he must pay them because he is the responsible. In addition, it could happen that the merchant does not make any mistake, but still, he has to pay the fees, so in this case, it could be possible, because the cause comes from the past life. In this law: Cause-Effect, someone will not experience the effects of Karma, if it was not generated before.

III. The third aspect of the Karma

A little action could produce big and multiple consequences. First we will describe an example in order to be clear, therefore, it can be easily understood.
Everyone knows that we need only one apple seed in order to have an apple tree and lot of fruit in the future. So then, if we want a particular result I must generate a particular cause. Now it is easier to understand that a little and a good action will generate good and big results. At this point, we could agree that this thought is correct. But now it will be very interesting if we just think what will be happen if the action is negative. In this situation, we must be reflective and understand that we could apply the same reasoning for a little and a negative action.
IV. The forth aspect of the Karma
If the cause does not produce the effect immediately, it signifies that it will stand by, so it will not disappear. In the future, it will develop if the conditions are the adequate. So we do not have to worry if we are talking about positive actions or positive causes, we just enjoy the positive effects. However, now think a moment! What will be happening if the action, the Karma, is negative? At the present time, we must be worry, because eventually it will appear. We can purify the negative Karma, so it will not begin to exist. Therefore, with the purification we can remove the negative Karma.
We could always generate the correct or the appropriate conditions in order to have a good karma. Those conditions are the deeds that we always do, in this manner we must make the correct conditions occur, because this will help us in the nearest future or in the further future. Somehow, we know that the sun is in the sky, so if we want to see it we just only go out and straight up our face and see it.

How do we know if we have a positive Karma?

It is good to look ourselves in order to recognize how fortunate we are, and all we have. When we recognize our good and fortunate life, we say in general terms, that is a good and a positive Karma. We well know that if we act with certain intention (that means in a positive or negative way), which exists beyond the action, the results or our action will come; and they will be linked with the original feat and its purpose. So if the consequences -results- are not good, adequate or incorrect either maybe they are unfinished or not whole, all means that we do not do the “the things” adequately. Just being humans is a good Karma. Therefore, the life form as a human being is better than other living being.
All those thoughts and reasoning are mentioned just with the purpose to realize that we are more fortunate that other persons who are suffering a lot. We can or cannot have health or maybe we can or cannot be happy, those situations depend on the conditions we generated before. Therefore, we must always remember that we should not produce those conditions that allow growing and flourishing a negative Karma.
Now, we have a big chance because we are here listening or reading this teaching. We can wake up. The only way to protect us is by building a security wall, which works simply when we do not do physical, verbal or mental negative actions. The key is to have a positive mental attitude In general we do not show a strong mind-set, we are not keen because when something happens we hurriedly turn to a negative attitude; because of this it is so important changing our attitude. We must raise a solid and a strong basement, so then when we get stronger it would be harder for us turn into a negative position, for example when we are in the presence of the peoples influence. We should understand, comprehend, maintain ourselves in the positive attitude in spite of everything and everyone. We should develop an affirmative state of mind, because in this manner we will not generate a negative Karma.
But there are a lot of negative Karma, which belong not only to what went before, they also belong to our past life and now they are waiting to come out. Understanding the Karmas presence that comes from the past help us to observe what central is to purify it. The small Karma is easy to clean but a strong Karma needs a strong mind in order to purify it. This is an understanding.


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