Reflections on interdependence


The root of all past, present, future, personal and collective conflicts is in the mistaken way we have to perceive the reality of phenomena and the I. To understand the ultimate reality of existence allows us to eliminate the root of confusion, which is the root of all negativities.To do so, it is necessary to cultivate discriminating intelligence and apply critical and scientific self-analysis; one must first of all recognise that which is to be disproved, in other words independent existence, which is separate from I and phenomena. 
To perceive I and phenomena as concretely existing independently of their parts is the first mistake. To recognise that which is to be disproved and observing the basic error, is the first step towards removing ignorance, which is the root of all sufferings.The process of analysis must clearly uncover the ignorance attached to the I of people and phenomena. Without such an intuitive and non-conceptual understanding, any effort to remove suffering remains useless.


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