Stop, and reflect …. Take Action !


“Peace and religious harmony come about through taking action, not necessarily through making prayers and good wishes. In order to carry action out, enthusiasm is very important, and enthusiasm comes from being clear about our goal and the possibility of our fulfilling it. Here, we need educate young people about our ultimate goal, peace in the world, and how to fulfil it by cultivating inner peace within themselves.

…. Stop, and reflect …. Change Your Mind:
“Don’t blame others for your uneasy feelings; blame your own state of mind. This is why altruism brings you greater peace of mind.

…. Stop, and reflect …. Never Give Up:
“I have great hopes that the world may become a better, more peaceful, more equitable place in the twenty-first century. From my own experience, at 16 I lost my freedom, at 24 I lost my country and for the last more than 50 years have faced all sorts of problems, but I have never given up hope. We have a Tibetan saying, ‘Nine times fall down, Nine times pick yourself up.

…. Stop, and reflect …. Today’s Priority:
“More important than being loved is to love

…. Stop, and reflect …. The Inner Source:
“We have the source of contentment and happiness within ourselves, and it is related to nurturing our natural inner values

…. Stop, and reflect …. Change Everything:
“A good way to work for a more peaceful world is to develop concern for others.”….

Stop, and reflect ….. The Destroyer of All:
“Anger destroys our peace of mind and our physical health. We shouldn’t welcome it or think of it as natural or as a friend.”

His Holiness The Dalai Lama


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