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He who knows samsara knows nirvana
He who knows nirvana knows samsara
Nirvana is the state of mind which has erased all negative karmic imprints.
So, such a man/woman can no longer experience the suffering of samsaric cycles..
He/she is a buddha.
Samsara is the mind that is polluted with negative karmic imprints.
All suffering comes from ignorance.
That is why a buddha has omniscience.
As long as we are still in any state of ignorance about the real state of reality we will suffer rebirth after rebirth.
A buddha sees the suffering in samsara and has great compassion.
He/she once was suffering too.
So, a buddha, like Shakyamuni, who manifests himself in samsara shows us the Path of Liberation.
Enlightenment is better translated as awakening.
Buddha opened his eyes and it is said that he had an unwinking gaze for seven days and smiled because he had found the ultimate thruth.
Bodhi means awakening to the true view of all and everything.
Going in nirvana without showing the Path is considered by Mahayana buddhists as selfish.
A buddha that teaches is a bodhisattva of compassion.

The nature of mind is always pure as light.
But we cannot see its’ real nature as long as our negative emotions cover it up in illusions.


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