Example of religious oppression in Tibet


”In Gangchen village, there are 53 Tibetan families and most of them are farmers. Of these, 37 families face cereal shortage due to small landholdings, unfavourable climate and heavy taxes. At the age of 20, Sonam became monk of Gangchen Monastery, located in Saga County of Shigatse Prefecture and did intensive study of religious scriptures since then. Gangchen Monastery suffered complete destruction during the Cultural Revolution, and saw renovation in 1987 when local Tibetans and some elder monks took collaborative actions. Until March 1997, Gangchen Monastery had 29 monks, but the number has now reduced to 12 monks. In 1997, Sonam was appointed as a member of the Democratic Management Committee and tru-ren (Vice-President) of the Religious Committee of Gangchen Monastery. A six-member work team came to the monastery in March 1997, and stayed for three and a half months to conduct re-education. The members banned the pictures of the Dalai Lama and set a limit of 19 monks.

No arrests were reported at the time. In June 1997, Gangchen Lama, a close associate of the Chinese authorities, visited the monastery. He called a special meeting of the monks whereby he gave instructions on showing loyalty and patriotism for the Peoples Republic of China. Gangchen lama lives in Italy in a luxurious center near Lago Maggiore.

Gangchen Lama visited the monastery again on 3 December 1999, and instructed the monks to worship shugden deity (Shugden is a spirit which the Dalai Lama discourages to propitiate). He claimed himself as the re-incarnation of Panchen Sang Tashi, the founder of Gangchen Monastery, and called the monks to respect and worship him. He distributed booklets to the monks that has detailed explanation about his re-incarnation. However, no monks accepted him at the time.

Later, Gangchen Lama called 10 officials from the County Religious Department and Public Security Bureau to instruct the monks to worship shugden and to respect him.

A meeting was held in the monastery that very same day where the officials threatened the monks with arrest, detention and imprisonment if they oppose Gangchen Lama. Furthermore, refusal on the monk’s part would be deemed political and they would be investigated for crime against the nation. Since the beginning of 1999, Gangchen Lama had started building a new monastery of his own on the northern valley of Gangchen Monastery. The officials of County Religious Department and Public Security Bureau forcefully evacuated the monks of Gangchen Monastery to the new monastery on 27 December 1999. Two new statues of the shugden deity ( known as dolgyal ) placed in the prayer hall by Gangchen Monastery were met with protest by the monks. The statues were later taken by the monks who hid them in a nearby cave, which was used for meditation. There has been no history of shugden worship by the monks of Gangchen Monastery. shugden is splitting the Tibetan community in the heart.

Owing to constant pressure to worship the deity and orders to carry out the instructions of Gangchen Lama, seven monks fled the monastery. Sonam for instance fled from his monastery on January 1999, and stayed in Shigatse for two months. He escaped to Nepal in a group of eight Tibetans by paying 1800 yuan to a guide. He wished to join a monastery in India. ” There is no freedom for Tibetan buddhists in Tibet. They are driven out of the country or even killed in the high Himalayas while fleeing from Chinese terror. Others are locked up in Chinese prisons for many years.Torture and death are there very day.

The demon shugden is used by the oppressors to enslave the Tibetans in their own colonized country.

Western followers of the shugden deity with their lamas should realise their involvement in the cultural genocide committed by the Chinese in the land of Tibet !

The issue is not “freedom of religion” as they claim, but their complicity with the cultural genocide of the Tibetan people.

Ignorance is the root of all suffering. The immense ignorance of the Chinese communists has terrorized the Tibetan People for more than 50 years now. Never forget the truth. SAVE TIBET !

looking for Shangri La forgetting the plight of the people

Westerners looking for Shangri La forgetting the plight of the Tibetan people



  1. Just visited Tibet, it is moving to see the faith and trust of the tibetan people in the Boeddha dharma.
    At the same time is it awfull to see the distruction by the Chinese of all the ruins, the oppression in Lhasa, the military that are present there.
    Somebody who claims himself to be the reincarnation of somebody, or demands respect is just not done, by behavior one earns respect, not by demanding it.
    Indeed by shugden worshipping the chinese are trying to break the tibetan people.
    And the world just ignores, because of this powerfull China, all is about money.
    And those kind and beautiful, friendly and spiritual people are suffering because of our greed.

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